Consumer’s Guide to Auto Hail Repair

Auto hail damage can really ruin your day but don’t worry if your car has been in a hail storm. Just follow these tips to save you time and money getting your car looking like new again.

Got Hail Damage? Here is what the Better Business Bureau suggest you do!

  • Call your insurance company to report damage and file a claim.

  • Follow insurance company’s instructions to obtain an estimate.

  • Schedule an appointment with a reputable repair facility of your choice.

  • Drop off your vehicle for repair.

  • Make sure your vehicle is repaired to your satisfaction.

  • Obtain a written warranty and contract information.

I hope you found these tips useful and just remember to do your research before choosing a paintless dent repair shop. Not all shops are the same and can do the job right the first time.
Before making that choice, lets take a quick look at the advantages of PDR.

PDR Advantages

High quality permanent results.
Faster repair.
Maintains vehicle’s original factory finish.
Vehicle value and warranty remain intact.
Cost effective vs. traditional repair.

Now that you know the advantages of paintless dent repair, you should also know:

Things to Know

You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice.
Ask if the shop offers lifetime warranty.
Look for a quality repair center.
Look for up to date training and certification.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found these tips useful and can find a paintless dent repair shop that can fix your car right the first time. Please make sure to look for a Hi-Tech PDR location near you and let us get your vehicle looking new again.