How Much Does Auto Hail Repair Cost?

Auto hail damage is a billion-dollar industry and is unavoidable. According to these are the top 10 states that occurred the most hail damaged cars from 2008-2014.

Top 10 States For Hail Damaged Cars

1. South Dakota
2. Nebraska
3. Oklahoma
4. Kansas
5. Wyoming
6. Montana
7. Colorado
8. Missouri
9. Iowa
10. Texas

If you live in one of these states, you know the impact that hail damage can have on your house and car. Hail damage can cost you $1000’s of dollars and be an inconvenience. If you have auto hail damage, you have a couple of options when it comes to getting your hail repaired. These options are a traditional body shop and a paintless dent repair shop. Either option will repair your hail damage and it really comes down to price and time. Now lets go into more detail about these options.

Where Do I Take My Car To Get The Hail Damage Repaired?

You have two options to choose from, a body shop or a paintless dent repair shop. A traditional body shop must replace, fill and paint the hail damaged areas. This process may not be the quickest but will still get your hail damage repaired. The second option is called paintless dent repair and instead of replacing and filling the hail dents, the dents are removed by pushing or massaging the dent back to its original state. Depending on the severity of the hail damage, you could have your vehicle back within one day. In some cases, your car will need to be repainted after the hail damage has been removed. Some paintless dent repair shops can do that in house if they have the proper equipment and trained staff. Paintless dent repair usually takes less time and can save you money but the choice is ultimately up to you You can learn more by reading our Consumer’s Guide to Auto Hail Repair.

Remember, You Have Two Options:
1. Traditional Body Shop
2. Paintless Dent Repair Shop

What Is The Auto Hail Repair Process?

This process is the same for either option but for this example lets use a paintless dent repair shop.

First, call your insurance company to let them know what happened. Then call and schedule an appointment for an estimate at your local paintless dent repair shop. In most cases, you will be able to get an estimate on the spot.

Second, file a claim with your insurance company if needed.

Third, once agreements are made between all parties, schedule your drop off.

*The time it will take for your vehicle to get repaired will vary depending on the amount of work and shop’s schedule. If you’re looking to get your car repaired right after a hail storm, you might be on a waiting list.

Instead Of Using A Shop, Can I Repair Auto Hail Damage Myself?

If you choose to remove the hail damage yourself, there are auto hail damage repair kits you can purchase but we recommend you leave it to a professional.

Auto Hail Damage Repair Kits Consist Of:

• Dent Pullers
• Glue Tabs
• Suction Cups
• Etc.

Unless you have a simple dent to remove, you could make the dent(s) worse and end up costing you more money in the long run. Just make sure you think twice before trying to remove auto hail damage yourself.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair My Hail Damage?

The repair cost depends on the amount and size of the hail damage your car has. First, let discuss if you’re using comprehensive auto insurance. If you are, typically you’ll just pay the deductible. If you don’t have insurance or choose not to use it, the prices range from:

Small Dents: $30.00 & up
Medium Dents: $40.00 & up
Large Dents: $ 75.00 & up

As you can see, the price can really start to add up if your car has lots of hail damage.

Common Questions About Auto Hail Damage

  • Where Are The Most Common Places For Auto Hail Damage To Occur?

    A: Hail damage typically occurs on the roof, trunk lid, hood, fenders and windshield/glass of the vehicle. You might find hail damage on other areas but those are the most common.

  • What Should I Do If Hail Broke My Vehicle’s Window(s)?

    A: If your window(s) were broken in a hail storm, you should call a towing company to have your vehicle towed instead of cleaning the glass yourself and then driving it.

  • How Long Will It Take To Repair My Vehicle?

    A: The amount of time it takes to repair your hail damage varies depending on the amount of damage, time and availability the shop has. Some repairs can be completed in one day and others may take up to three weeks.

  • How Long Does An Auto Hail Estimation Take?

    A: For a complete auto hail estimation, please allow at least 30 minutes but this time can vary depending on the severity of the damage.

Have More Questions?

I hope you got some of your auto hail questions answered. If you have more please find a certified shop near you to get all your questions answered.