Every year large-scale hail storms impact manufacturers / fleets across North America.

We understand the importance of timeliness and quality and therefore Hi-Tech PDR should be your number one choice for substantial Paintless Dent Removal projects. Our team of PDR Catastrophe Managers, I-CAR Certified PDR Technicians and R&I Specialists are ready to save you time and provide you with the highest quality repair available today.

Wholesale Discount Program

Hi-Tech’s cost effective solution for manufacturers reflects our high-volume wholesale discount program. Large-scale projects allow us to offer significant discounted rates.

Expressway to Business as Usual

Large-scale hail catastrophes often require a high volume of work to be performed within a short time frame. Hi-Tech PDR has the resources and capabilities to handle such projects and will staff the job appropriately to ensure expedited repairs.

General Progress Reports

Hi-Tech PDR utilizes General Progress Reports on a daily, weekly and or monthly basis so you can always check our progress.

Certified PDR Techs

Compliant with all standard insurance regulations, our technicians perform only the highest quality repairs as we require our techs to undergo intensive annual I-CAR and In-House training. During our training, we apply testing programs to ensure our production and quality are only of the highest standards.

Life Time Warranty

Hi-tech PDR guarantees that the vehicle’s paint will not crack, chip or delaminate because of our repairs. Hi-Tech PDR also guarantees that the dents repaired will never return.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Every dent repair is covered by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Any panel not done to your satisfaction will be re-repaired at our discretion.

Please contact us for more information.